Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mattes & Music Collection

Hey everyone!

So after receiving such positive feedback about Jewel of the Nile, Hell on Heels, and now Pink Lady - I have decided to release a collection consisting entirely of matte glitter topcoats!  The collection consists of 6 varied polishes with one thing in common: every polish contains matte/neon glitter as the main ingredient.

Not only is it very exciting to release an all-matte-glitter collection, but it is the first time I will be accepting pre-orders for the full collection before I release the individual polishes on Etsy.  I will include all of the pre-order information in a separate post.

Now, here are the pictures you've all been waiting for!

Pretty in Punk: micro blue and small pink hexes with medium purple and black hex glitters

Vegas Skies: neon/matte fine glitters in orange, purple, and green

Particle Man: irregular white hex glitters with micro green, pink, and blue suspended in a sheer lime green jelly base

Butterfly Kisses: inspired by my dad, fine and medium pink hexes with holographic butterfly glitters

Nerd Alert: micro orange and blue glitter with medium matte blue hexes

Do Wah Diddy: salmon pink and light blue small hexes with extra fine lavender glitter in a clear base


  1. Pretty! I want a set! I will be watching for the post. Buying on Etsy is a little stressful when you want more than one polish!

  2. Oh my!! I NEED the butter fly glitter... I'm def keeping both eyes peeled for the pre-sale!

    Looks AWESOME! :)

  3. I was scrolling thru, got to the green one, and thought, "ooh.." then immediately, out loud, said, "It's called Particle Man?!" I think I might need that one just to sing the song and shove my nails in my fiance's face.

  4. Butterflies!!! A must have :-) I am also loving the Vegas Skies!!!

  5. They are amazing!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE Pretty in Punk, Butterfly Kisses & Vegas Skies ♥