Thursday, November 29, 2012

December News & Magical Musings Launch

Hello my lovelies! I want to start by saying thank you so much for all of the positive feedback, interest, and support for the Magical Musings collection. I am so glad to share my passion for HP with other like minded individuals such as yourselves. Kirsten and I are honestly so happy and honored by your reactions!

Mark the date and time: the launch of the Magical Musings collection will be held at Lac this Saturday, December 1st at 9:00am EST.

Winter News
Here are some random bits and pieces of info:

Magical Musings
You can view Kirsten's official review and swatches over at Glitta Gloves. Her swatches are descriptions are quite amazing, so I recommend checking it out!

Formula changes: Kirsten's review did mention that Holidays in Hogsmeade was lacking in the white hex department, so I tried to include more of those in the final batches.  I also noticed some visible curling of the glitters in The Horcrux of It... so I add some smaller hexes of the same shade. The final batch of Horcrux includes sparse large hexes and more of the smaller hexes. I also tried to make the final version a bit more opaque.

International shipping: international shipping will be available - the shop is currently undergoing "maintenance" so I can add and edit the listings and set up international shipping before the launch. International shipping will start at $5 USD, with each additional polish costing $0.50 USD. Please refer to my post here for more information about my policies.

Other notes: There will be a limited number of full-size and mini complete sets of Magical Musings available during the initial launch. I am waiting on an order of bottles and base to finalize, and hope to hold a second restock in December. The second restock will also be launched at a time more convenient for international buyers.

Holiday Shipping Dates
The following dates are the cut-off dates for orders to be received by Christmas. I used the dates provided by the U.S. Postal Service, then added from 2-5 days for processing on my end.
USPS Domestic First-class or Priority Mail: December 15
USPS International First-class or Priority mail:
  • Africa, Central and South America: December 2
  • Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand: December 5
  • Canada and Caribbean: December 7

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lac Attack & Glitta Gloves present: the Magical Musings Collection!

Hey everybody! After months of plotting, planning, and cackling (?), Kirsten from Glitta Gloves and I are so excited to finally announce the Magical Musings collection. This collection was born out of a mutual obsession love of all things Harry Potter. We figured that the nail polish community needed a collection of colors that truly showcases the world of HP. For the non-fans - the collection still contains fun and beautiful colors for any nail polish lover. Plus, I do believe that this may be one of the first collaborations of the kind!

The collection will be available for sale, shipping internationally, on December 1st, 2012. 
An exact launch time is forthcoming.

Without further ado, the polishes are:


Beauxbatons Academy

Death Day Party

Dementor's Kiss


Felix Felicis


Holidays in Hogsmeade

The Horcrux of It...

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

International Shipping Update

I have some news!

It appears as though I have found a system for international shipping. I have added Canada as a shipping option to the Goodsie store to test the system. If successful, I will open shipping to all international buyers.

Shipping to Canada starts at $3.00  $3.50 (as of 1/18/13) per cart/order, and $0.50 for each polish.
Shipping costs will start at $6.00 per cart, and $0.50 per polish.
        Updated costs as of 1/18/2013

Please note:
  • Any additional customs or duty fees incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer
  • Tracking will be offered when possible 
  • It could take 2-6 weeks for your package to arrive
  • Shipping costs account for both postage and packaging materials
  • All polishes will be wrapped in bubble wrap, and larger orders will include extra wrap or cushioning to ensure safe transit

Don't forget: if we make it to 1,000 likes on Facebook and/or 500 followers on Twitter by December 1st, I will launch a giveaway including one set each of all released collections. Tell your friends!

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