Thursday, November 29, 2012

December News & Magical Musings Launch

Hello my lovelies! I want to start by saying thank you so much for all of the positive feedback, interest, and support for the Magical Musings collection. I am so glad to share my passion for HP with other like minded individuals such as yourselves. Kirsten and I are honestly so happy and honored by your reactions!

Mark the date and time: the launch of the Magical Musings collection will be held at Lac this Saturday, December 1st at 9:00am EST.

Winter News
Here are some random bits and pieces of info:

Magical Musings
You can view Kirsten's official review and swatches over at Glitta Gloves. Her swatches are descriptions are quite amazing, so I recommend checking it out!

Formula changes: Kirsten's review did mention that Holidays in Hogsmeade was lacking in the white hex department, so I tried to include more of those in the final batches.  I also noticed some visible curling of the glitters in The Horcrux of It... so I add some smaller hexes of the same shade. The final batch of Horcrux includes sparse large hexes and more of the smaller hexes. I also tried to make the final version a bit more opaque.

International shipping: international shipping will be available - the shop is currently undergoing "maintenance" so I can add and edit the listings and set up international shipping before the launch. International shipping will start at $5 USD, with each additional polish costing $0.50 USD. Please refer to my post here for more information about my policies.

Other notes: There will be a limited number of full-size and mini complete sets of Magical Musings available during the initial launch. I am waiting on an order of bottles and base to finalize, and hope to hold a second restock in December. The second restock will also be launched at a time more convenient for international buyers.

Holiday Shipping Dates
The following dates are the cut-off dates for orders to be received by Christmas. I used the dates provided by the U.S. Postal Service, then added from 2-5 days for processing on my end.
USPS Domestic First-class or Priority Mail: December 15
USPS International First-class or Priority mail:
  • Africa, Central and South America: December 2
  • Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand: December 5
  • Canada and Caribbean: December 7


  1. AAAGHH!! I'm stuck on a no-buy! *sobs* I'm so excited for an HP collection that goes beyond the house colors and names!