Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update and Restock Information

Hello all! First, I want to say thank you again for all of the overwhelming support today.

I am unfortunately going to have to post-pone the restock until next Sunday July 22 at 5:00pm EST. I hate having to do this but I am overwhelmed and need to figure out a way to manage my full-time job (and one hour each way commute), Lac Attack, and a social life - all while preparing for graduate classes to start in a month.

Since I am the only person running this company, I need to make a few changes in order to maintain the quality of my business as well as my sanity.

  1. For the time being, I am now only shipping to the USA. Shipping internationally, even to Canada, is both more expensive and time-consuming. I am working on researching different methods of shipping internationally, so this is a temporary change.
  2. I will no longer sell polishes on Etsy. I was losing messages and racking up ridiculous fees. I have switched to Goodsie for my sales. Luckily, Goodsie allows integration with blogger, so I should be able to have a storefront directly on ...assuming I can figure out the tech side of things ;)
  3. Turnaround time after ordering will likely be a little bit longer as I get used to the new platform and my schedule. I will still aim to get orders out within 48 hours, but it could take from 3-5 days at first.
  4. I am hoping to get to a place where I have stock available on a regular or semi-regular basis. I am currently working with a company on new bottles, and working on a schedule that will allow me to predict in advance when I will need to order new supplies. I am hoping that using Goodsie will lend itself to this as well.
Additionally, my e-mail server has deleted a huge chunk of Lac Attack emails and I am trying to recover them. However, if you have not been invoiced or contacted regarding an order or other customer service issue - send me another email. I would rather have duplicate emails and requests than lose someone in the shuffle.

I think that is all I needed to update you all on, but if there is anything else I will add it to the post.

Once again, I am sorry for any delays, confusion, or inconvenience you have experienced with Lac Attack lately. I am striving to make your experience with Lac Attack even better, so I appreciate that you bear with me as I make these changes.

And of course, thank you so much for your support and loyalty. You all are the reason I love making nail polish. Well, that and the glitter. :)



  1. Take it easy and put yourself first :-)

  2. I agree with what Pretty Face said :D good luck!